Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Our conference is run by a dedicated team consisting mostly of volunteers. This page outlines the folks who are helping get things done, and what their roles are.


Eric Holscher

Eric is one of the cofounders of Write the Docs, and also one of the cofounders of the Read the Docs documentation platform. He is the primary chair of the Portland conference, and loves to talk all things docs :)

Kelly O’Brien

Kelly runs the Write the Docs newsletter, and has been organizing the North America conference for the last 3 years. She has a day job at Kayako where she is the Self-Service Content Manager.

Mikey Ariel

Mikey is the documentation czar for Write the Docs in Europe. She is an avid dancer as well as singer, and has probably traveled across more of Europe than you have. Mikey is a senior technical writer at Red Hat living in Prague.

Samuel Wright

Sam has been organizing Write the Docs conferences for a couple years. He’s based in Berlin unless he’s off to a death metal festival somewhere. Sam is a contract technical writer working with Travis CI and other companies.

Becky Yoose

Becky is the resident librarian in the Write the Docs crew. She resides in Seattle where she works at the beautiful Seattle Central Public Library, and is our emissary into the world of librarians.

Rose Williams

Rose organizes the Boston Write the Docs scene. She currently works as tech writer for a health IT company, is damn delightful, and she is not afraid to remind you of it :)

Christy Lutz

Christy Lutz writes tech docs for New Relic, crochets to relax, loves to dance, and adores making connections through the Write the Docs Welcome Wagon.

Mo Nishiyama

Mo Nishiyama is a Technical Writer at Oregon Health & Science University’s Information Technology Group. His professional passions include transforming dense engineer-speak into customer-friendly support articles, cultivating a community of tech writers in the workplace, promoting a human-centric work culture, and sharing career/life experiences through public speaking and essay writing. Mo is an Oxford comma advocate.

Shaun McCance

Shaun is a long-time open source docs nerd. He spent ten years as the GNOME docs team lead, developed various bits of open source docs tools, and organized the Open Help Conference & Sprints. He works for Red Hat where he helps open source projects have awesome docs.

Alicia Duncan

Alicia has a passion for explaining things. She is currently Lead Technical Writer at Digi International, Inc., where she works closely (and remotely) with her internationally distributed development teams to document embedded Linux systems. She tends to be a human common denominator, bridging personalities and differences to bring people together. Alicia is currently working on moving her docs to an Asciidoc toolchain to harness the talent and collaborative spirit of her developer colleagues.

Primary Roles

You can read descriptions of all the roles in our Event Roles doc.

Filled Roles

  • Conference chair - Eric Holscher
  • Swag coordinator - Mikey Ariel
  • Speaker wrangler - Kelly O’Brien
  • Infrastructure chair - Samuel Wright
  • Writing Day coordinator - Shaun McCance
  • Lightning Talk coordinator - Rose Williams
  • Communication chair - Mikey Ariel
  • Volunteer coordinator - Becky Yoose
  • Sponsorship lead - Eric Holscher
  • Welcome Wagon coordinators - Christy Lutz
  • Hike coordinator - Eric Holscher
  • Explore Portland coordinators - Mo Nishiyama and Alicia Duncan

Organizers Needed

  • Unconference coordinator - TBA
  • Workshop coordinator - TBA
  • Job Fair coordinator - TBA
  • Social media chair - TBA
  • Emcee - TBA