Visiting Portland

Visiting Portland

The 2018 conference planning group includes an Explore Portland committee. Proud locals Mo Nishiyama and Alicia Duncan will be answering questions and providing tips and information on the #wtd-conferences Slack channel as the event draws near. Feel free to ping us directly as well!

Wondering where to stay and how to get around once you get into Portland?

The conference will be held at the Crystal Ballroom, in downtown Portland, and most conference events will be held within just a few blocks of the Crystal Ballroom.


During the main days of the conference (Monday and Tuesday), ample food and refreshments are provided. For non-conference days and dinners, connect with new friends and explore Portland’s vibrant scene. For those attendees with specific dietary needs, Portland is very inclusive and accommodating. Here are some resources that will help you find something good to eat:

Where to stay

We are not working with any of the hotels for attendee accommodations, but there are many hotels available within walking distance of the venue:

Check TripAdvisor to find other hotels and accommodations in the Portland area.

How to get around

Portland is a very accessible city and there are many transportation options available, public and otherwise. Portland is divided into five quadrants (with Burnside Avenue delineating north and south sections, and the Willamette River separating west and east sections). Portland is a city of neighborhoods, and each has its own distinct personality. We encourage you to connect with other documnentarians and explore our unique neighborhoods during your stay.


The MAX is Portland’s major light-rail system. The MAX primarily connects Portland with the surrounding cities, such as Gresham, Beaverton, Clackamas, and Hillsboro.

If you’re flying into Portland Airport (PDX), we recommend taking the MAX into downtown Portland (service to downtown Portland runs between 5 am and midnight). There is a MAX station for the Red Line in the airport itself.

The venue is along Burnside Street at 14th Ave, just east of the I-405 underpass. Normally the closest Red Line stop to the Crystal Ballroom would be at Galleria SW 10th.

Streetcars and Buses

Portland has a separate streetcar network which criss-crosses the MAX lines. These, along with Portland’s extensive bus network, ought to suffice.

If you are planning on using MAX, Portland Streetcar and/or city buses frequently during your stay, it may be worth investing in the Hop Fastpass fare card system.

Taxi Companies

Portland has both Lyft and Uber, and they are quite popular. If you still prefer local taxi companies, here are a few recommendations:

Please note that it is not common to hail taxis in Portland, and that your best bet is to call in advance.

Bike Rentals

There are two bike rental companies in downtown Portland that may be good options if you want to experience Portland by bike (which we very much recommend), and a bikeshare program: