• Timing - start recruitment when registration opens. Historically there has been an option to “purchase” a volunteer ticket; this has been mostly successful in recruiting the number of volunteers needed to cover shifts.
  • Number - historically around 10 to 12 volunteers, depending on the number of shifts and duties.

Shifts - Each volunteer is expected to take two or three shifts during the conference. Shift lengths range from three hours to 4 1/2 hours throughout the conference. Longer shifts are usually on Writing Day and for registration shifts.

Code of Conduct - All volunteers must be familiar with the Code of Conduct (CoC) and be prepared to both answer questions regarding the CoC and to enforce the CoC when necessary.

Volunteer Regular Duties

  • Registration/info - register people for the conference, answer any questions or provide information about the conference
  • Speaker Wrangling - finding speakers and making sure that they’re where they need to be when it comes time to speak
  • Talk Timing - devising a system for timing talks and warning speakers when they’re running out of time
  • Floaters - remain prominently positioned in the main conference hall; prepared to answer questions and be generally helpful

Emails to send

  • Confirmation of volunteer/attendance (Around two months before the conference)
  • Volunteer duties, expectations, and scheduling (One month before the conference)
  • Code of Conduct - response and information (One month before the conference)